Money Girl


So Alexa Caine—or whatever her real name is—claims to have been working for me for the past nine months. No way in hell. I could definitely remember her curves and that sassy smile. I don’t know how often she’s gotten away with robbing people blind, but she’s not going to get away with it this time. She tried to screw with the wrong guy—and I have something else planned for her!


We’ve been robbing rich companies for seven years now, and so far we didn’t run into any problems. Get in, get the money, get out. We usually disappear before anyone even realizes what has happened. Until now. Ethan Cohen has figured out our scam, and to make matters even worse, he’s threatening to turn me in. There’s one way out, though, he says: I can work off the debt. In his bedroom.

This is a dark and kinky romance novella with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

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